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Friday, August 31, 2018

From a Distance Chapter 1

This idea to write the Rainbow People came from my friend, Duckling. I was super excited about it. But then, I discovered this was a much bigger project than I've taken on before. It's morphed and changed a little from the original idea, but I think I have a bit of a direction. It's taken me a while, but I have finally completed chapter 1.

Title: From a Distance Chapter 1
Characters: Chandir/Wryn/Enoch; Rona/Nova
Series: Another Life, Rainbow people

Enoch adjusted the strap on the satchel as started out on the trail. The supplies Wryn had packed for him weren’t too heavy, but Enoch’s body was still too thin. The bones in his shoulder were still prominent and the strap was rubbing against it. Despite the soreness, Enoch smiled to himself as he thought of the treats that filled the bag.

His dominants, Chandir and Wryn, were always offering food and drink to him. Enoch accepted with gratitude each time. He doubted he would ever take for granted the wonder of food being so readily available. Or of the two men who loved him.

Life was so different on Gliese than on Earth. There was more than just survival. On Gliese people lived and loved. He was learning how to love and how to be loved. On Earth survival had been the only goal. Men and women killed each other just to get a chance to drink dirty water from a puddle. Earth had been dying, taking all life with it.

However, a few had been saved. Unbeknownst to them, they had a rare mutation in their DNA. The mutation had added a distinctive characteristic of the power exchange. Each of the men and women with the mutation had either the function of a dominant or submissive. Enoch had come to find that he had the submissive gene.

When Enoch had first awoken, on Gliese months ago, he discovered that he was a submissive with two dominants. He was learning how to live as a submissive. At times the lessons were more painful than others. Enoch grimaced as his pants rubbed against his bottom. One of the more painful lessons had occurred earlier.

Chandir, who had been distracted and irritable the past few days, had decided that Enoch had worked too hard and announced he would not be going to the library to work with his friend, Misham. Enoch argued that he had not been working too hard. He rubbed his butt as he remembered Chandir’s displeasure when he had shouted at his dominant.

After a brief trip over Chandir’s hard lap, Enoch’s tears were gently wiped away by the dominant’s large hands. Wryn suggested he spend the day at the river. Enoch had readily agreed. The meadow and the river always brought peace and calm to his soul. Enoch remembered the visions he’d had back on Earth of the beautiful place. He’d thought then that the visions were just wishful dreams. Yet when he’d seen it with his own two eyes on Gliese, he’d known deep in his heart that everything would be alright.

He walked down the trail letting the beauty of the sun dappling through the trees and the sounds of the birds in the forest fill his soul with peace. Laughter erupted from his lips as the trail left the forest and opened up to a grassy meadow. Colorful butterflies fluttered from flower to flower. Enoch inhaled the heavily perfumed air. He’d give Chandir his apologies when he got home in the evening, Enoch thought to himself. He hadn’t noticed his fatigue and stress until now as it flowed out of his body. Although Chandir, his dominant, had seen it.

He strolled closer to the river. He found the perfect spot to watch the butterflies zigzag from one flower to another and feel the breeze from the river. Carefully, he removed the blanket from the satchel. The softness brought a smile to his face. The blanket had been a gift of gratitude from an older couple Enoch had befriended. He had tried to convince them that he was the one who was thankful. They refused to listen to him.

Enoch was still learning about friendship. And how to be a friend. Until he’d come to Gliese, he’d had to guard himself against everyone. However here, he could explore different relationships with so many people. His life was rich with people where before there were none.

Laughing in joy, Enoch stood up and wandered the meadow. The hum of the bees brought a smile to his face. He bent down and sniffed at a bright red blossom. He’d never get used to the wonderful scents on his new home planet.

The heat of the day started to become uncomfortable. Enoch wandered back toward the river. He knew it would be cold yet it seemed to beckon him. The sounds of the insects faded away as he walked to the riverbank. Once at the water’s edge, he took off his leather boots off. As he stepped into the water a white mist formed over the blue river.

Enoch’s throat ached with thirst. Leaning over, he cupped his hands to fill them with the cool water. A reflection shimmered in the water. Only instead of his pale face, a woman with skin as dark as mahogany looked back at him.

Suddenly, he realized what was happening. The mist surrounding him, the silence of the forest, the reflection in the river, Enoch was having a vision. Stumbling back, he landed hard on his butt at the edge of the river. He didn’t feel the soreness from the discipline earlier, instead Enoch he felt the heat of the desert on a faraway Earth. Lying back, he let the vision wash over him.


She was frustrated. And hot. And thirsty. Above all though, she was scared. Eleven other people were looking to her to lead them. Lead them in building a new world. Didn’t know why the Keepers of the Universe dubbed her leader, she only knew, as did the others, that it was her role. Her role had been determined by her name. Rona: wise ruler.

Only she didn’t feel wise. They had awoken on this new planet with a few basic supplies. They were to learn to use the resources here. They’d been walking for three days now. They were starting to run low on supplies.

They’d stopped last night near a rambling river. Rona knew that water was essential to every living thing’s survival. She’d thought that this would be a good place to build their community. Though, after several hours of trying to till the hard ground, she had come to the decision that they’d have to move on. They’d never be able to grow the nutrients they needed here. She just hadn’t told the rest of them yet.

The river beckoned to her to cool off from the heat of the day and her inner turmoil before telling the others. Leaving the others behind, she walked to the water’s edge. She knelt down at the soft ground of the riverbank. Cupping her hands, she let the water pour in. Lifting up her hands she sipped the cool liquid. Several times she brought more refreshing water to her mouth. After her thirst had been quenched, she repeated the action to splash the water on her face.

Suddenly, Rona had the feeling she was being watched. She shifted just enough to see who it was. Nova. Rona slowly turned back to face the water. Nova had been watching her with her amber colored eyes since they’d first awoke on Earth. All of them have been watching Rona. Just there was something different about Nova. Something different about the way Nova watched her. There was something important in her eyes. Something Rona couldn’t define. She didn’t find the sensation unpleasant; instead, it created an answering warmth inside her.

A glittering interrupted her confused thoughts. She looked down to see what was reflecting the sun. Reaching down, she picked up a rock. But it wasn’t a rock. It was a shard of pottery with symbols etched on it. Hope grew inside her soul. This wasn’t a new planet that they were on. It was a renewed one! That meant that somewhere there were tools that could help them survive. Unexpectedly, Rona felt a hand on her shoulder.


The vision slipped away and Enoch became conscious of the strong hand on his shoulder. Looking up, he met the concerned eyes of Chandir.