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Thursday, April 19, 2018

Another Life Continuing

I thought I was done with this universe. And then someone gave a bit of encouragement to me that sparked an idea. It might be awhile before I get much written, but I thought I would post the synopsis of the new series.

The Rainbow People

An eternity ago, a bond was formed between Father Sky and Mother Earth. Their bond created life on Earth. Trees and plant life bloomed and blossomed. Creatures large and small filled the planet. They flew in the air and swam in the oceans. Some roamed on land while other’s swung through the trees.

But one of the species thought they were better than all the others. They became greedy and egotistical. They took from Mother Earth. But they didn’t treasure all that She provided them. They lorded over the other species. But they didn’t honor them.

When Father Sky and Mother Earth saw what the future held, they came together one more time. They talked and an agreement was made. They would take a few of the species and send them away. And when all was lost, these creatures would come back. They would make the earth live again. They were the Rainbow People. And they would have a chance at Another Life.