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Sunday, November 18, 2018

From A Distance Chapter 6

Title: From A Distance Chapter 6
Characters: Chandir/Wryn/Enoch
Series: Another Life

“Go! Now!”

Enoch jumped at Wryn’s demand. He glanced up and saw the look of gentle exasperation on the face of his normally patient dom. For the past several days their life together had been calm. Enoch had spent the days with Misham at the library. The two subs had scoured through texts written by Historians long ago, while Chandir and Wryn laid in supplies for the coming winter season.

Their lives had been quiet as Rona and the others had rested. Just yesterday, Enoch’s emotions had once again started mirroring those of a woman who lived beyond the stars and heavens. Enoch sympathized with the woman’s restlessness. He knew how much the constraints of illness and injury chafed.

“Agape, we know it is not your fault, do not fret. Yet a walk in the sunshine might soothe you both.”

Before gathering the Mxene clay he’d been sculpting with, Enoch took a moment to lean into Wryn. Warmth, comfort, and safety radiated from the man. If Wryn was right, that Enoch and Rona were connected physically and emotionally, then maybe the restless woman could gather strength from him.

He reached out for the clay but was stopped by Wryn’s hand. “Go. I’ll store the Mxene. Go enjoy this counterfeit day. Winter is all but upon us and you’ll no longer have the warmth of the sunshine.”

Obeying, Enoch stood and walked to the door. He put on a light wool coat. The sun was shining, but the wind carried the bite of cold.

Wryn walked over carrying the wooden box that held the clay. He set it on the shelf by the door, then gave Enoch a kiss. “Stretch your legs. Let the air give you life. Just don’t venture too far.”

As he stepped outside, Enoch shaded his eyes and looked up. Not as bright as the summer sun, yet the winter sun still radiated some heat. He watched as a hawk flew overhead toward the forest. Enoch had heard of birds, but they’d all died before he’d been born. To see one in flight took his breath away. He sent a silent prayer that the same would never happen on Gliese.

He decided to follow the hawk into the forest. The insects were all hibernating for the winter, but he’d hear the other animals scampering about. The trees were all but bare of leaves. Enoch’s footsteps crunched on the fallen leaves. He stopped and listened. He heard small, furry animals dashing through the leaves as they gathered nuts and seeds that had fallen on the ground too.

Enoch walked a few more yards to the bridge that crossed a small creek. Before he could cross it, he heard the hawk cry out. Looking up, Enoch wondered if those on Earth were seeing birds and animals. In his visions, he’d seen a lush green planet that held no resemblance of the planet he’d lived on.

His attention was diverted when he heard a splash in the water. Stepping on the wooden planks, Enoch looked down. The creek wasn’t as full as it had been the year before. The dry season had lasted longer and the snowmelt from Tarvos hadn’t been much. He’d heard from his friends that lived there, the temperatures stayed near freezing.

Another splash from the creek brought Enoch’s eyes to the water again. He smiled as he saw a small animal drinking. The water started to shimmer and rise, turning to a blue mist that swirled toward him. Understanding what the mist was, Enoch sat down. He knew that the stars had something to show him.


Rona glared up at the vivid blue sky. The day was beautiful, not too hot nor cold. And it was wasted as she lay resting. Her ankle was all but healed, yet Nova convinced her to rest a few more days. Rona wondered why she was allowing the other woman to dictate to her when she was the leader.

The other woman had been kind in her words to rest. And she’d brought up that the others in their group were bonding during this time respite. Rona looked around and saw the truth of Nova’s words. Romances and friendships were blossoming between them.

Several of them were together by the fire pit. A few days earlier, Ranaan had discovered he could weave some of the reeds together creating a carrier. He had shown the others how to make them. Several of them made the carriers, while others gathered edible nuts and seeds. Rona knew how important the ability to carry some provisions with them was. They’d been sent to Earth from the Waiting Place with the bare necessities. The memories from their genesis were starting to fade. They needed to know how to survive on this planet as their knowledge from before was lost. And that was the crux of Rona’s restlessness. Every day their memories of their beginnings lessened. They only had the strengths of their namesakes and what skills they learned along the way. They were getting along and learning to rely on each other. Except for two.

She looked around searching for Ashur and Mircea. War and peace where their namesakes. They looked much the same in appearances. Rona turned still looking for the two. They were often together. Then she saw them, their dark hair glistening in the sunshine as they slipped into the forest.

Rona looked back and saw Nova deep in conversation with Nyneve and Nuri. Slowly, she stood, putting her weight on her ankle. There was no pain, just a twinge of stiffness. She walked quietly to where the two men had gone.

She looked up when she heard a bird screech. The bird was only a couple of yards above her. She could just see the large claws as it swooped down looking for prey. As she watched the bird, she heard the rustling of smaller animals on the forest floor. She listened carefully for the heavier sound of man walking through the underbrush. When she heard them, she gently stepped closer. She stopped when she heard their voices.

“You are angry at me,” Mircea spat out.

Rona saw Ashur’s shoulders lift and fall in a sigh. “No, not angry. Worried. Concerned. But not angry. You’ve been anxious. Irritated. Upset. I would know the reason why, if you’d but tell me.”

“Everyone has something. A skill. Something that contributes. Even you. You figured out how to lay those logs so that we had a barrier protecting us from animals while we slept. I have nothing to give. I am nothing!”

At Ashur’s roar, Rona jumped. She watched as the larger man stalked toward Mircea. She wondered at the other man’s bravery as he stood meeting Ashur’s challenge.

Mircea standing his ground gritted out, “My name means peace! I don’t know how to make peace. How do I create it?”

“You have to find that peace within you before you can create it about you.” Ashur continued to stalk toward him. “And never say you are nothing! You are very much something. Something to me.”

Mircea’s self-preservation finally kicked in Rona saw as the smaller man started stepping back. He stopped when his back hit the trunk of a tree. She held her breath as Ashur still walked forward. He finally stopped when he was chest to chest with Mircea.

“You have something no one else has.” He reached out and grabbed Mircea’s arms when the man started to interrupt. “No. Just listen. You have a way of seeing things that no one else has. You see the beauty in our new world. You pointed out the colors in the sky as the sun sets. We’ve found seeds and nuts that we can eat because you watched what the animals were eating. You showed me the tiny white flowers in the grass. You, Mir, make me feel things I wasn’t expecting.”

Rona couldn’t hear the words, but she saw Mircea’s mouth move. She thought he said, “Me too.”

Ashur’s head bent closer. “I want to explore these feelings if you are willing.” When Mircea nodded, Ashur touched his lips to the smaller man’s.

Her stomach felt strange. An image of the flittering butterflies came to her mind. She felt as though those butterflies were inside her. The same ones that came to her when Nova held her. When their lips touched. When Nova’s tongue slipped inside her mouth.

She saw Mircea’s face flush when Ashur broke off the kiss to stroke down his body. Her own face felt hot when Ashur lifted the cloth covering Mircea’s chest. He leaned further and kissed across the smooth expanse of skin.

Rona bit her lip when Ashur gently nipped at Mircea’s nipples. She watched as his hand traveled down, toward the part of Mircea that had grown in the past few minutes. Suddenly, she felt a hand on her shoulder.

“Come, love,” Nova said quietly. “Let them explore this part without anyone watching.”

As Nova took Rona’s hand the green of the forest started to shimmer. A haze started to distort the people. A green mist swirled with blue. Two forests blending together.


“Come, agape. They will find pleasure with each other.”

Enoch felt Wryn’s arms holding him tight. He looked around seeing the colors of Gliese again. “They are finding their way.”

“Yes, I saw too,” Wryn said. “They are finding their way on their planet and their love.”

“Until I came here, I didn’t know the sharing of bodies could feel so good. I’d only seen it used as barter. Or in violence.” Enoch heard cries of pain and fear as he remembered seeing the horrors of human on Earth. They subsided as Wryn held him tighter.

“You’ll never feel that pain here,” Wryn promised.

Twisting around, Enoch gave him a soft kiss. “I know. I’ve found nothing but joy from you and Chandir.”

“You were very intent watching Ashur and Mircea. Did that bring you joy?” Wryn laughed at Enoch’s blush. “There is no shame in that. Would you like to watch Chandir and I share each other?”

Enoch could feel his blush grow hotter. The image of Chandir and Wryn together was more than he could bear. He nodded and then met Wryn’s blue eyes. “I would like that. Would Chandir?”

Wryn laughed. “I do not think we’ll have to do much convincing. He just might enjoy putting on a show for you.” He stood and reached out a hand. “And if you decide to join in, you’d not have to convince us.”

Enoch held his hand as he helped him up. Thinking of the two men he treasured loving each other, had his body reacting. “Maybe I’ll watch for a little while and then join.”

As they walked back to their home, the sun was setting bringing a chill to the air. Enoch grinned. He knew that tonight, no matter how cold it was outside, their cottage would blaze with warmth.


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