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Monday, May 29, 2017

FIC: Blessings Home Ch. 4

Title: Blessings Home Chapter 4
Characters: Chandir/Wryn/Enoch
Series: Another Life

At a bend in the path, the trail narrowed and the trees grew closer. Enoch could still hear the whispers of the visions he'd had that morning. The hunger he had felt as he walked out of the library had disappeared with the red mist. Shaking his hands, he tried to rid himself of the memories that he'd seen of Earth. Not his own memories, but the memories of those that lived there before. He wished he still had the clay that charged the crystals. He'd felt soothed, constructive as he'd manipulated the soft substance while he talked to Misham. As if by squishing and molding the clay in his hands, he also squelched the sights and sounds the threads of time showed him. Of angry times and angry voices.

"You will not protect him!"

Enoch stumbled as he heard the threatening voice. Another vision? He'd never had three in one day. Desperately he looked around but only saw the building storm clouds starting to hide the sun away. Searching for the mist that always came. He could only hear the sounds of the angry voice.

As he slowly rounded the bend in the path, Enoch saw his two doms striding toward him. Chandir's look was in competition with the dark clouds above. Wryn's face was only a shade lighter. When the two men saw Enoch, they advanced toward him.

"You disregard my words to you?" Chandir asked demandingly. "You were to be home hours ago!"

Enoch stepped back at the anger in the large man's voice. Terror-filled memories swirled in his mind. Memories of fists and kicks. Memories of violence that had nothing to do with the visions that had been plaguing him recently.

"I...I..." Enoch stammered as he slowly backed away.

"Stars of night!" Chandir growled out.

At Chandir's curse, Wryn stepped forward. "Do not be afraid, Agape. Fear and worry too often wear the face of anger. He is not angry at you, but felt worry when you did not arrive home when you should have."

"I'm sorry," Enoch implored to his dominants. "I did not think you'd worry. I never realized a few hours would worry you."

"You did not think we'd worry over you?" Chandir asked incredulously. "We've watched you go through so much! We've heard you moan in your sleep! From nightmares and from pain! Your health is still so fragile! But you did not think we'd worry?"

"Chandir, he's never had anyone worry over him," Wryn snapped.

Chandir looked back and forth between the two men he loved. Enoch watched as the frustration of the dominant was extinguished.

"You are correct, Wryn. Enoch has spent most of his life alone. Too much time has been spent without anyone there for him. He will learn the responsibility of being loved," Chandir said. "Loving another is a responsibility, but so too is being loved."

Enoch nodded in sudden understanding. He remembered the joy he felt at discovering that not only did he belonged to them, but the two also did belong to him. The love for the two dominants had grown as he'd come to know them. He'd not thought of the love they felt for him. They'd had visions of him before they'd met him. They'd seen the horrors he'd gone through and had been helpless to do anything. Now that Enoch was with them on Gliese, they would worry over him.

Straightening his shoulders, Enoch looked his formidable dominant in the eye. He would accept any discipline the large man decided on. If Chandir finally used the leather belt on his backside, Enoch promised himself he'd endure each strike bravely.

Chandir cocked his head to the side and looked at him. But before he had time to announce his sentence, a large clap of thunder startled them all. The sky darkened as more storm clouds rolled in.

"We will take shelter before any more is passed between us," Wryn ordered.

Enoch's eyes swung to Wryn. As easygoing as the other man could be, he was still a dominant. With all the authority that goes with the powerful personality. They started home as the first fat rain drops fell.

As Enoch started to jog the few yards to their cottage, he found his hand engulfed. Chandir had a tight, comforting hold of his hand. "Together. We are together." Chandir growled. Enoch nodded.

By the time they stepped through the door, all three men were soaked. "Remove your clothing and change into warm clothes," Wryn commanded.

Just as Enoch started to do as Wryn had asked, Chandir stopped him. "You will learn how to be cared for this day. I will undress you."

Enoch was still as Chandir stood in front of him. He blinked in surprise when the strong dominant placed a gentle kiss on his lips. "There is no place for fear in being cared for," Chandir said softly. Then his hands went to Enoch's shirt.

Goosebumps spread over his skin when Chandir's hands touched him. Enoch raised his hands above his head and soon his wet tunic was off. A strange fluttering started in his stomach when Chandir kneeled before him. Enoch couldn't help but stare at the top of the large man's head as his soft leather boots were removed. Silence swirled around them as Chandir stood and reached for the ties on Enoch's pants.

After untying his pants, Chandir pushed them down. When Enoch felt a firm touch on his leg, he lifted each one in turn. He didn't get a chance to feel the cold, as Wryn wrapped a soft blanket around him.

"Stand still."

Chandir's voice was a mixture of authority and love. Emotions that compelled Enoch to obey. Feeling vulnerable in only a blanket, Enoch shifted his weight from one foot to the other. The trust he felt in Chandir vied to outweigh the helplessness. He watched in silence as the other men stripped out of their wet clothing and put on dry. He couldn't help but admire their bodies. A lifetime of nourishment and physical activity had sculpted their bodies to hard muscle.

While Enoch was lost in thought, Wryn had dressed and started to prepare their lunch. Startling slightly when Chandir took him by the arm.

"Come, sit with me," Chandir coaxed sternly. The big man sat and pulled Enoch onto his lap. "We should have talked about this when you first arrived, but your health was so fragile and then the day to day needs prevented it. Now is the time."

Enoch had squirmed in embarrassment when he was pulled onto the hard legs. But with the words his dominant spoke, he stilled. Were they going to tell him to leave?

"Stop." The quietness of Chandir's voice did nothing to hide the command. "You try to guess what will be said before the words leave my mouth. Listen to what I am saying instead."

Blushing at the slight rebuke, Enoch nodded.

"Many characteristics make up a dominant and a submissive. Although each has all the traits, some are stronger than others. There are too many traits to name, but each person, each dominant and submissive learn as they grow what their primary characteristics are."

Wryn set a plate of meat and cheeses on the table and sat down. "Since Earth didn't recognize dominants and submissives, you didn't get to explore your own needs. But all who have lived on Gliese has had the chance to come to know their own unique traits."

Keeping one arm around Enoch, Chandir dished up some of the lunch. "I learned quite young that the most powerful trait of my own dominance is protectiveness. I'm driven to protect those I love. By any means necessary."

The last words would have frightened Enoch a few weeks ago, but he was coming to understand that Chandir often sounded fierce and harsh. As Chandir explained his need to protect, his voice had a growl to it. Enoch knew that this was a feature of Chandir's protectiveness. He opened his mouth when Chandir fed him a soft square of cheese.

"His protectiveness is very strong," Wryn said. "When a dominant has such a powerful trait, they tend to live in polyamorous relationships. The trait that drove me to Chandir and you, was my need to take care of others."

"Are you starting to have some understanding?" Chandir asked Enoch. At the submissive's nod, he continued, "You've not had the chance to explore your own needs or understand the needs of your dominants. You've been alone for most of your life. To help you understand the responsibility of being loved, the rest of the afternoon you will be under our direct supervision."

Enoch tilted his head in confusion. "I'm already under your direct supervision."

"No. You go to the library without us. You feed yourself without us. You bathe yourself without our direct interaction," Chandir replied.

Wryn chimed in, "For the rest of the day, you will stay right beside us. Any need will be met by us. You will not make any decision, because for the rest of the day, we will make them for you." To prove his point, Wryn lifted a chalice of wine to Enoch's lips.

Enoch drank automatically. Color rose to his face as the full implication of how the rest of his day would be spent. All decisions to be made by the two men he loved? Enoch felt torn between fear and excitement.

"This will teach you to remember what we ask of you, like to be home when we ask," Chandir scolded. "But it will also help build more trust between us. Not just trust from you to us, but also our trust in you."

Enoch had never thought of the trust they had in him. He'd thought the trust was only from him. As he opened his mouth for a piece of spiced meat, he realized that the two dominants needed to trust him as well. The afternoon and evening would be hard to get through, but Enoch wondered if when they reached the morning light, would they have more love and trust between them?

Enoch squirmed sitting on Chandir's hard lap. As he tried to find a more comfortable position, the blanket he was wrapped in slipped. Grabbing at the blanket, he felt the strong arm tightened around him.

"I'll never let you fall." Chandir's rough voice raised goosebumps across Enoch's skin.

Trying to mask the reason for shivering, Enoch asked, "May I get dressed now?"

He felt a hand under his chin, turning him to face the dominant. "I think no. I like you just the way you are." Chandir's eyes were filled with desire.

"Here eat a bit more," Wryn said reaching across to offer a slice of cheese to Enoch.

Enoch's mouth opened without thought. Flavors he'd never tasted before exploded across his tongue.

As the men fed him, the atmosphere was a blend of discipline and arousal. Drinking wine from cups held by the dominants, Enoch's eyes never failed to meet the eyes of the provider. By the time they'd finished eating, he didn't know if he felt chastised or loved beyond measure. His feet hit the floor gently when Chandir stood.

"Come, the storm has changed my plans for the day," Chandir said. "Instead of chopping wood-"

"We'll nap and save our strength for the morrow," Wryn interrupted.

Enoch saw the evidence of their own desire and smiled to himself. The feeding had aroused his two dominants as much as it had him. They moved as one into the bedroom. His blanket fell to the floor to be replaced with the hands and mouths of the larger men. They tumbled to the bed as the storm raged on outside.